Car Security Tips

Security Tips for Automobiles

Protecting personal property is extremely important; anti-theft devices are highly recommended for anyone looking to lock down their belongings. Automobiles top the list of personal property that needs security. An electronic immobilizer is one of the best ways of securing a car. In fact, insurance may be discounted for insurers who use it. Electronic immobilizers are, therefore, highly recommended. However, it is not just the car as a whole that requires security, but individual parts that are easily removed such as the tires.


Tires should be secured fitting them with wheel locks. These will deter thieves. The cost of locking tires often proves cheaper than replacing them. Similar mechanisms are also available for the steering and gear stick.


Gear stick and steering locks have been proven to be effective anti-theft devices because the car cannot move without moving them. The same is true for both standard and automatic vehicles.


An auto alarm is an important mechanism of drawing attention to a car if tampering occurs. It helps to deter criminals and therefore prevent auto theft. Thieves do not like noise. They move away from it. An alarm should be installed by a professional. It is best to obtain recommendations from other car owners.


In addition to the above-mentioned security measures, there are additional precautionary measures that require action. They are necessary in order to deter thieves. The points to consider follows:

  • Leaving items on the seats of a car can lure criminals to the vehicle.
  • Items should be placed in the back compartment or hidden under the seats or another compartment where they visible from the exterior of the car.
  • Do not leave radios and stereo systems that are removable in the vehicle. They can also be placed in the trunk.
  • Close all car windows and doors before leaving the car unattended.
  • Always ensure that the car alarm is on and working at all times.


These precautions and security measures can save car owners from high insurance premiums. A stolen car on an insurance profile means higher than average insurance premiums. There is no guarantee that these systems will prevent car theft, but they can improve the odds.


Vehicles should be secured with one or more anti-theft devices. These are not very expensive when compared with not having the use of a car between the period of loss and replacement. The inconvenience that losing the means of transportation can cause is tremendous.